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One onboarding for all of your financial products.
Get accredited, complete KYC, use your universal identity for any investment powered by Acquire's technology. 

Your Investor onboarding needs an upgrade. Invest I.Q.’s investment portal automates and streamlines onboarding during user account creation and turns their profiles into reusable investment passports!

Beneficial ownership tracking just got easier!

Know-Your-Customer (KYC), Anti-Money Laundering (AML) and even accreditation checks for private offerings. Each issuance is configured, and optimized to fit your investment offerings compliance requirements.

Reduce compliance and onboarding related costs by more than 50% and reduce onboarding time by more than 90%.

Create account

Tell us a few details about yourself, so we can create your Acquire account. Creating your account only takes a couple of minutes. Simply log in here if you already have an account.

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Set up wallet

Set up your wallet in as few as 10 minutes. Later, you’ll fund your wallet and use it to transact on the platform.

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Register to invest

Securely and confidentially verify your accreditation with KYC/AML/BSA checks. Once you have a passport, there’s no need to re-establish your identity. It will move with you as you explore new investment opportunities.

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Identity document

Discover opportunities such as alternative investments, private company equity, private funds, and more.

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Go through our liveness-detection check, which simply involves turning your head in front of a camera for a few moments.

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Investor Profiles become a passport
Geo-fence investments
One onboarding for all investments
Gated investments
Institutional KYC, AML, Accreditation
Document verification
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KYC - Know Your Customer

We gather and review key PID information prior to  minting an offerings digital Smart-Shares to an investor:
  • Collect and verify government ID
  • Collect tax ID, date of birth, residency, citizenship and necessary personal details for compliance
  • 24/7 monitoring with international sanctions matches,  you are updated if any beneficial owners are matched
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Institutional-level Security

All data is encrypted with deep authentication and authorization controls. Acquire uses modern security and encryption standards for all investor data. Institutional grade.

Defeat fraud

Streamline onboarding, defeat fraud and stay compliant with your digital securities offerings!
24/7 monitoring.

24/7 Protection

In real time we actively monitor international sanctions lists and key watchlists to keep your investors and your investment safe from fraud and bad actors.

Data Fidelity

Investor information is always up-to-date and verified, reducing fraud and ensuring you remain compliant. Stay in sync with your team and investment service providers all in platform.

Accreditation Scaled

Scale your operations and stay SEC compliant! Invest I.Q’s A.I.-enhanced Accreditation technology is built into your investor onboarding flow. Accreditation and verification is tedious task, offload the task and liability and gain ultra fast 12-hour turn times with ZERO audits. It is 100% secure, and saves an average of 120 hours of time per customer.

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