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Why us?

The world of finance is experiencing the largest migration in history. This migration to Web3 + blockchain technology is happening now, and it’s occuring at the institutional level, across every type of investment product.
This is how the world will work. ACQUIRE is poised to enable and upgrade these financial products.
This affects every person, everywhere.
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Partners + Providers

Prime Trust
Lead Pre-Seed VC
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How Acquire Works

We curate and list offerings

With expert vetting, diligence and a multi-point rating system, Acquire actively sources the highest quality assets, funds and investment products that fit our user's demands.

We Sell the Smart-Shares

Initial offering Smart-Shares are then purchased with the tap of the "invest" button within the Acquire App, enabling retail and accredited investors to begin to build their own portfolios.

The Offering is Transformed into a Digital Asset (smart-shares)

Each asset is turned into a mini-company (LLC) or mini-IPO. The compliance and regulation is embedded. Then digitized and automated into a Smart-Share. It is priced, issued and the initial offering is prepped for sale on the app.

Trading Commences

After an investment offering’s sale, and any applicable lockup periods, the Smart-Shares trade in our active blockchain powered (ATS) exchange, maintained by registered broker dealers and plugged into our blockchain tech for instant settlement and in the future, 24/7 markets.

We Educate Users

Potential investors learn through immersive experiences. Acquire features friendly graphs, price charts, live and historical market data, AI sentiment indicators, media, and tap to learn functions throughout the app!

We Drive Engagment

Users are immersed in a community driven market where they can create portfolios and custom investment baskets that other users can track and copy. The Invesment issuer or company can engage directly with their investors across the life of the Investment.


Press & Appearances

Reasons to invest

$500k Pre-Seed invested

and More than $650k already invested from private industry leaders as of May 1st, 22'.

10 Industry Partners

6 institutional grade blockchain  technology partners servicing Acquire.

100% Ownership

Acquire retains 100% ownership of it's intellectual property (IP) in the best User Driven Web3 Investment Experience.

11 Industry Sectors

A complete market enabling Investment deals across 11 key industry sectors.

10 Top Cryptocurrencies

Invest in real world assets, securities investment offerings, with 10 of the top cryptocurrencies! including BTC, ETH, LTC...

$80T of Opportunity

Enabling more than $80T of private placement investment offerings to scale and migrate to the blockchain!

The NFT access card

The world's first trade fee reducing NFT!
Invest more than $500 during our raise to unlock your exclusive claimable Acquire app access card NFT.
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Generation 1 access card

at a $1500 investment you can claim 1x NFT Cards

  • 25% discount on all trading fees,
  • 1st looks at investments before the public
  • Acquire Beta App access
  • Acquire Discord Alpha Channel Access
  • 1st rights access to exclusive events & opportunities
  • ERC-721 token which can be bought or sold on the open market!

Generation 2 access card

at a $500 investment you can claim 1x NFT Cards

  • 15% discount on all trading fees,
  • 2nd looks at investments before the public
  • Acquire Beta App access
  • Acquire Discord Alpha Channel Access
  • 2nd rights access to exclusive events & opportunities
  • ERC-721 token which can be bought or sold on the open market!

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Q3 2021


  • The Acquire team leaves stealth mode.
  • Comprehensive business model and prototype developed for pre-seed Angel investment round.
  • Key backend institutional fintech service partners locked in



Q4 2021


  • Marketing and Community development plan for development completed.
  • Development of the Beta App Began!
  • Crowd-Equity raise and Security token offering planned.
  • NFT Access Card planned.



Q1 2022


  • Development of Beta Continues.
  • New materials, website, videos, podcasts    published with the Beta App showcased!
  • WeFundr raise + STO set for launch in April 2022!
  • STO & NFT ACCESS CARDS in development.



Q2 2022


  • Wefunder investment page launched
  • STO & NFT details announced (DeGen Launch in May 2022!)
  • STO & NFT Launch by NYC NFT Conference June 20th, 2022
  • Beta development speeds up to hit Nov. 22’ targeted launch.
  • Beta Accessable Flagship Asset partnerships underway.



Q3 2022


  • Wefunder STO & NFT closes SEED-B Round by August 1.
  • Beta development speeds up to hit Nov. 22’ targeted launch.
  • Beta access Flagship Asset annoucment #1
  • ACQUIRE User Account Dashboard Live with NFT ACCESS CARD Claiming enabled for STO + Wefunder participants!



Q4 2022


  • Nov. 22’ Targeted Launch of the Beta Open to NFT ACCESS CARD Holders only!
  • Flagship Assets Announced to Press + Discord members.
  • Beta User Onboarding support live.



Q1 2023


  • Coming Soon


Brian Harstine
Founder & CEO

Living in Nashville, TN, Brian has been a blockchain strategist of almost a decade, Brian’s knowledge of the crypto space is matched only by his uncanny ability to successfully build, grow and exit companies. After years spent managing the private investments of high net worth individuals, Brian was initially exposed to crypto while working with investors venturing into blockchain opportunities nearly 11 years ago. He quickly realized the need for securities tokenization and has been passionately working in the space ever since.

“The change to our financial technology systems is inevitable, It is happening now at the institutional level. At times of change, there is massive opportunity. I want this power in the hands of every level of investor... anywhere there is change like this, there is massive opportunity . "

Ben Apple
Director of Business Operations

Nearly 10 years ago, while managing a startup incubator in Shanghai, China, Ben was introduced to the power of blockchain technology. After a successful stint helping founders build and scale their businesses, Ben moved to New York City to work in real estate development and finance. Working at the highest level in the real estate sector provided a unique perspective on both the massive innefficiencies in private market transactions and the problem that Acquire is solving.

“I have been looking at startups for more than 15 years, analyzing risk and reward for ultra wealthy individuals and founders; ultimately universal problems that affect everyperson, everywhere, are the biggest opportunities.  Bringing access to the general public through the utilization of blockchain is now my focus.”

The Team

Drew Hill
Chief Legal FBT
Jake Mayell
Director of Growth & Marketing
Marek Kowalski
Chief Architect
Anthony Broussard
Head of Development
Darryl Dexter
UX & UI Team Lead
Dawid Kwiatoń
Full stack Developer
Marius Jagminas
Full stack Developer
Bruce Beckley
Product Development, Database design + QA
Marcin Misiorek
Full Stack Developer (architecture)
Nick Shelton
Head of People
Carson Nicely
Director of Brand Development, partnerships + Community
Lisa Price
Advisor M&A + Corporate Dev. & Finance
Larry Stofko
Advisor Chief Information officer + Healthcare assets
Stephen Beuhler
Advisor Institutional assets and structure
Wiley Matthews
Advisor Marketing + Blockchain
Brandon Eskew
Advisor Blockchain technology
Dane McFarlin
Advisor institutional payments growth
Mark G. Mathis
Advisor Film & Entertainment Assets & structure
Phillip Rosen
Advisor, Legal film finance & Assets
Sarin Kuruvilla
Advisor interim CMO Growth & Marketing
Adam Solesby
Advisor Chief Technology Development
ACQUIRE is unlocking a portion of its own equity as an investment offering to you!

By investing in the Wefunder or our STO (Security Token Offering) you gain access to the Beta app
and an NFT Access Card with access + cost benefits.
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