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Private investments, public access.

Exclusive access to highly-vetted alternative investment opportunities. “Invest like the 1%”

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Rethink Investing

Our Web 3 blockchain technology enables asset issuers compliant scale and gives everyone the ability to invest in world-class assets that would otherwise be limited to accredited investors: Startups, video games, movies, music catalogs and more...

Open To Everyone

Designed from the ground up for the user. The app is easy to use with a low investment minimum.
The ACQUIRE app opens the world of private alternative investments to everyone.
Built for professional, accredited, and new retail investors alike.
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Redefining personal investing


Gain access and insights into a market of private placement investment deals typically reserved for wealthy, accredited investors only.


Diversify your portfolio with private placement deals. Invest alongside industry leaders into Venture level deals, and individual investment offerings that provide larger early growth opportunities.


Your Acquire portfolio is as flexible as you are. Rebalance anytime. Enter and exit opportunities and freely trade your smart-shares that previously have had no secondary market!

The Acquire App in action

Narrated user story showcasing the quick actions that you can take to diverisfy your portfolio of investments with the Acquire app.

What is a Smart-Share

A Smart-Share is Acquire's security token format and serves as a vehicle for your investments. A Security Token represents an interest in a tangible asset or deal that a company has to offer to its investors. Companies that perform a Security Token Offering bring investors, a share, or the rights to profit share, in their business or financial product. Security tokens offer the investors transferable rights to their investment and serves as a safe and reliable investment tool due to the technologies innate security measures. A security token also gives growing companies a cost effective and secure way to raise capital.

Our Smart-Share vehicle offers investors the security of a regulated instrument with the combined agility and the speed of blockchain. Many corporate giants have built platforms to trade security tokens and provide institutional investors, and the ultra wealthy an easy and secure way to invest and trade private market assets and even public assets and fun interests.

Acquire brings this functionality and asset class to its users.

How Acquire Works

We curate and list offerings

With expert vetting, diligence and a multi-point rating system, Acquire actively sources the highest quality assets, funds and investment products that fit our user's demands.

The Offering is Transformed into a Digital Asset (smart-shares)

Each asset is turned into a mini-company (LLC) or mini-IPO. The compliance and regulation is embedded. Then digitized and automated into a Smart-Share. It is priced, issued and the initial offering is prepped for sale on the app.

We Educate Users

Potential investors learn through immersive experiences. Acquire features friendly graphs, price charts, live and historical market data, AI sentiment indicators, media, and tap to learn functions throughout the app!

We Sell the Smart-Shares

Initial offering Smart-Shares are then purchased with the tap of the "invest" button within the Acquire App, enabling retail and accredited investors to begin to build their own portfolios.

Trading Commences

After an investment offering’s sale, and any applicable lockup periods, the Smart-Shares trade in our active blockchain powered (ATS) exchange, maintained by registered broker dealers and plugged into our blockchain tech for instant settlement and in the future, 24/7 markets.

We Drive Engagment

Users are immersed in a community driven market where they can create portfolios and custom investment baskets that other users can track and copy. The Invesment issuer or company can engage directly with their investors across the life of the Investment.