Transfers to ineligible investors are impossible through the fast and secure validation system.

Digital Smart-Shares

Investment offering structures of any type are supported. Digitize your next round and be ready for future transfers and trading with regulated exchange ready digital shares.

We utilize customized smart contracts and control-data oracles to empower your offering’s Smart-Shares with inate compliance. Most regulation is enforced automatically.

Application screens
Application screens

Control offerings

While investors retain direct ownership of their securities, Issuers and agents can fully manage and control the offering’s digital Smart-Shares.

Manage white-lists for your offering, block/unblock, remediate share problems or theft with full control over mint/issue and burn/clawback functions.

Coded Compliance

Codified transfer rules are embedded into your digitized securities offering’s Smart-Shares. This carries guard rails for who can or can’t participate or transfer, including geographical and jurisdictional restrictions if they apply to your offering. Acquire takes your offering details and builds the most efficient offering for you.

Are you ATS ready?

Digital smart-share offerings are high functioning assets prepared for regulated exchanges at the share level. Onboarding now allows your offering freedom and flexibility to enable compliant trading now or in the future, and unlocks greater liquidity for your beneficial owners.