Make Investment Operations, An Asset!

Cut through complexity, focus on what truly matters.

We give Funds the tools to optimize Ops, enhance investor experience, and focus on strategic growth instead of operational hurdles.

We help you recapture life!
The complete solution for Private and Alternative funds’ investment operations.

Lead with confidence.

Cut through complexity, automate compliance, and focus on what truly matters with Acquire’s, Invest I.Q. Platform.

We give Funds the tools to optimize Ops, enhance investor experience, and focus on strategic growth instead of operational hurdles.

The Private and Alternative funds complete solution.

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Our Platform Maximizes your fund’s Potential

We know your business and have built the tools needed to inter-connect your processes to your data for a truely connected and automated end to end experience.  

The Invest I.Q. Platform consists of 3 key portals fully whitelabeled for your fund.
1. Investor Experience Portal 2. Managment Portal 3. Representatives Portal

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Who offers Real Automation?

We connect accellerate, automate, standardize, simplify, & streamline!

We know you need to solve for interconnected problems across every department from fundraising coordination to fund lifecycle pains, in order to achieve a real difference on your bottom line.
Do it all with a single source of truth, and a single platform.

What does your Investment Experience Look like?

White-labeled & optimized for private market offerings.

Your platform & your brand. Your LPs will see only you! Acquire’s platform and services cater to Private Equity, Venture Capital, Real Estate, SPVs, Family offices, and nearly any registered private investment structure.

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We know the pains at every fund level

Eliminate Duplicate Manual work

We surveyed more than 20 Fund Admins, more than 70 Funds of various sizes and structures and we found a few common problems. Everyone uses too many software suites, everyone manually inputs data more than necessary. Moreover everyone has issues with interdepartmental information shareing.
Do your work once + Connect everyone to the same data.

Key Features to Boost your productivity!

Keep your business account and all your finance needs safely organized under one roof. Manage money quickly, easily & efficiently. Whether you’re alone or leading a team.

Create a connected Single Source of Truth

Connect Everyone to Your Team

Sync, Invite and manage access for all of your vendors and external team.
Incredible time savings to be re

Fund Administrators

Acqurie’s Invest I.Q. was built to share directly with your fund administrators. 
Admins gain a single source of truth with less discovery & back office drag.

Law Firms

Connect your Legal team to the platform to setup and maintain your structure and or your e-sign documents for your investors. Enhance your compliance.

Accountants & Auditors

Auditors & accountants will enjoy a single source or truth, no more tracking down who has what, and which persons files are the most updated. Sync your team.

Technology is the differentiator

Lead with modern investment technology.

Every Process is linked, Every Action is simple.

The Acquire I.D. Investors Passport

Investors onboard one time, their profile becomes a passport for Entering more offerings, E-Signing documents, and more. Built in KYB KYC/AML, Accreditation...

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application screenshot

Investment Automations

Investors add their preferred payment accounts.
Investments and capital calls settle and auto update.

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E-sign & Subscription Tool

Significantly reduce setup times with the Built in e-sign “docusign” like feature. Eliminate redundant work!

Auto-Filing Digital Data Room

it’s like your own custom secure dropbox for investor and offering documents! the platform auto files documents reducing clerical work across departments.

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Invest I.Q.

Invest I.Q. is a modular, All-in-one, Investment operations suite for private sector offerings. Imagine every department connected, Every Investor with live updates, and every advisor or investor representative linked. Reduce the moving parts, Get started today.

Managment Portal

Build offerings, invite investors, auto-updated cap-table & transactions, build and launch capital calls, manage data room and E-sign documents.

Investor (LP) Portal

Intuitive onboarding, automated KYC/AML, Self-Service Accreditation, Sub-doc signing, data room and offering review, portfolio management, add payment accounts, and investor messaging.

Representative Portal

RIAs, Lawyers, parental guardians, partners, and other permissions access persons can be invited to any investor account to manage it on their behalf

Automate & Scale

Manage your entire investment cycle!

When selling your products to LPs, onboarding and closing steps are the first pain point that you and your staff encounter, with challenges continuing during ongoing Capital-Calls, communications, reporting and LP updates. These items are incredibly important and can slow the process and create cost with investor service often visibly lagging.

Don’t let operational inefficiencies get in the way of a single sale or your companies ability to scale effectively.

Give your Investors and your team a complete solution and set your offerings apart!


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Simplify Investment Operations for Private Offerings

Lead the market by leveraging our platform.

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