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Mission + Values

Acquire is on a mission to Automate & streamline  investment processes for issuers, funds, & investors. We know first-hand the challenges of launching and operating funds in the private sector. Optimize your time & focus on what really matters!

Our Mission

To transform investment operations into an asset for our customers.

Finally, connect the back, middle, & Front offices.

Acquire's team set out to solve problems we encountered in our own investment processes.  We developed an automation system for private markets that enables flexible standardization of the entire investment administration lifecycle.  Our system that can handle offering structures ranging from the simple to the complex, across various compliance landscapes and investment management philosophy’s.  We believe that over the last two years we have developed the best system available for private market issuers and administrators: the Invest I.Q. platform. Our near-term goal is to optimize time and effort for our clients, thereby increasing efficiency and reducing cost.  Our longer-term aspiration is to continue to develop and enable features that allow private markets to scale and operate more like public markets.

Our Values

We operate with 4 core values; delight customers, everything must be intuitive and simple, provide personal and fast customer service, and stay ahead of the market’s needs, your needs, through constant innovation.

Because if you stop, someone somewhere is building a product that will replace yours!

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