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Acquire's Investor Portal not only provides a means for managing investments, but it also allows for the management of securities, giving early investors an opportunity to access liquidity. This added level of control over their ownership can bring investors peace of mind, potentially leading to a greater willingness to invest further.

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One place for all of your product(s)

With Invest I.Q’s issuer portal you can manage numerous offerings from one master view. Click into each offering and edit, manage or review.
Display all of your open investment offerings or investment products to your investors within their investment portals.

Versatile Payment Rails

Investors request on average more than 5 different payment types during an offering’s raise. Are you slowing down the closing process?  With invest I.Q. your investors can link and save multiple funding account types to your own custom investment portal (100% owned by you). Invest I.Q enables direct bank account linking for ACH transfers, Wires, Check deposits, and web3 digital wallets.

You control the payment rails you want to enable.

Application screens
Application screens

Docs & Disclosures

You choose! Click to sign or esignatures keep your  investment transactions moving forward from virtually anywhere, at any time. Digital and readily available docs and signing is crucial for speedy conversions and transparent investor relations.
Staying compliant just got simpler. Investors always have access to the offering documents and embedded / accessible disclosures.

UX is important

Our user/investor experience is key to closing and will make the difference in your raise. It separates you from the product and market noise! Investors want feedback, connection, control, transparency, and an easy way to manage their holdings & accounting. Retain investors, by making their life better, faster and easier. Its easy! Upgrade and let Invest I.Q. power your new investment experience!

Get Wallet Share

Enable your users to optionally add their digital wallets as a payment source. Global investor digital wallet share is a key source of ready capital to unlock for your offerings and financial products. Invest i.Q. can enable instant currency swaps during any web3 based transaction to reduce or eliminate the offerings exposure to volitility risk when accepting other digital forms of payment.

Modular is Modern

Digital smart-share offerings are high functioning assets prepared for regulated exchanges at the share level. Onboarding now allows your offering freedom and flexibility to enable compliant trading now or in the future, and unlocks greater liquidity for your beneficial owners.

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